• Indoor Rowing Progress – July 2023

    July’s indoor rowing was probably what I would describe as “more of the same” compared to June.  That said, injury and fatigue were more the order of the month. Not to say it wasn’t without some achievements. But it’s not a pretty month compared to the achievements I made in June.

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  • Rowing Progress – June 2023

    June was a vast improvement over May’s abysmal effort. With a good effort, two challenge days under my belt, and an improved motivation coupled with some minor dietary changes meant that I’ve made some excellent progress. Overall Summary Note: Season runs from 1st May to 30th…

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  • Rowing Progress – May 2023

    I’m writing this post well after the fact as I want to start recording and blogging about my fitness progress. Going from a relatively lardass lump to a lean machine. Hopefully lol. My primary focus is on overall fitness, although I’ll be dipping into the…

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