• Rowing Progress – June 2023

    June was a vast improvement over May’s abysmal effort. With a good effort, two challenge days under my belt, and an improved motivation coupled with some minor dietary changes meant that I’ve made some excellent progress. Overall Summary Note: Season runs from 1st May to 30th April Highlights of the Month My main highlight of the month was a 2000m row setting a new personal best in this category. I added…

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  • Rowing Progress – May 2023

    I’m writing this post well after the fact as I want to start recording and blogging about my fitness progress. Going from a relatively lardass lump to a lean machine. Hopefully lol. My primary focus is on overall fitness, although I’ll be dipping into the…

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  • So I Got a Rowing Machine

    Back in February, my exercise bike, a cheap(ish) one decided that the bearings were going to fail. It had served me pretty well, but I was on a fitness trip and doing a lot of miles and time on it. The clicking which started off…

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