So welcome. Welcome to City 17…. no wait, wrong script. Hi! I’m Richard Cheesman, and this is my blog. A little corner of the internet where I spout stuff about whatever comes my way, could be interesting, etc. I’m fast approaching 50, flabby and coming to terms with a recent ADHD diagnosis.

I spent a lot of my adult life undiagnosed, and as such have struggled with mental health issues, not helped by a hearing loss that was probably there at birth. I’m deafened in one ear, the other has had some significant loss over the years. But I soldier on. Having the diagnosis certainly helped, more so than any of the subsequent medication. I am learning to create routines, patterns, coping methods to help utilise my ‘different’ brain structure to it’s fullest.

Other things: I love ambient, electronic and dark music. Occasionally I’ll dip into other genres, mostly techno, drum & bass, etc. Sometimes I find a good album in other genres – such as Heilung’s ‘Lifa’, chap-hop – most notably Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, etc. But in all my musical journeys I decided in part to try and convey that with writing some reviews on what I listen to. Some of that is borne out of just enjoying the process of trying to describe what I listen to, which can be challenging at times. Some of it is borne out of the simple fact there isn’t really anyone I know who shares a similar passion (there’s a few, but they know that). So hopefully, my reviews pique your interest in to listening to something different. And if you find something similar that you think I’d like, drop it in a comment or contact me via my social media channels (Twitter is best – whilst it still exists lol). I’ll give it a go.

I also like photography, fractal art, good movies (any language), and learning more about myself. Yes, I’m a mystery to myself, and this blog is part of that path of discovery.