From My Mind To Yours - Reloaded

From My Mind To Yours – Rebooted!

New(ish) name, similar domain name, what the heck is going on?

This is more of a rehashing of the original introductory post. ‘From My Mind To Yours’ is a term I’ve had rattling through my mind for many many years. I liken it to being able to communicate an idea, a concept, a vision even, so clearly that it truly seems to travel from my own mind to yours. Yes, I stole the likeness of the concept from the old techno imprint ‘Plus 8’ records, whose tagline was that of the title of this article.

I aim to start fresh, build up my collection of posts featuring musings on things like minimalism, design, film, etc, provide updates on my health and fitness journey, as well as continuing to write reviews for the myriad albums and music I listen to.

My other aims are to provide gradual improvements to the site, more rich media (such as embedding music players into the reviews), better sharing facilities and at some point some form of basic newsletter – nothing spammy, none of that pop-up crap that asks for your email address after you’ve been on the site for 5 seconds. My idea is that it’ll be a simple thing on the sidebar (or footer), and it’ll just be a weekly or fortnightly digest of the articles published. We shall see.

I’m also planning to expand the scope of the things I write about – I already have in the works a bunch of reviews on fountain pens, inks and notebooks. Nothing like some of the more dedicated sites, but just a glimpse into the things I use on a day-to-day basis.

Along with fitness and health articles, I’ll be expanding this with some topics and discussion on mental health issues, along with other physical health things that are pertinent to me.

I sincerely hope you’ll stick around for the ride.

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